Wild Wonderful Off-Grid: How It All Started And Where They Are Now

YouTube is the reason behind the popularity of so many people and the same is the case with Wild Wonderful Off-Grid. This channel is run by a family of five who decided to document their journey of making their dream house which people loved. Let us discuss the details of how they started and where are they now? What is the reason behind their popularity and how do people relate to them? Read the article to know about their incredible journey through the years.

What Is Wild Wonderful Off-Grid?

A couple, Josh Myers and Erin Myers decided to document their journey of making a dream house in the mountains along with their kids. They made a YouTube channel so people can join them. The couple decided to leave their city and moved to live in the mountains near nature. They are a total inspiration as they started from scratch and did everything themselves. If you need someone to look up to and want to make your dream house, you can follow their YouTube channel for some inspiration.

How It All Started?

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Wild Wonderful Off Grid is a YouTube channel run by Myers. They decided to say goodbye to the city in 2018 after they had their daughter. Erin and Josh along with their two sons and a daughter moved to West Virginia. They started from scratch and shifted into an RV. The kid started homeschooling and all of them decided to live in the mountains. The Myer family wanted to build their dream house so they shifted to a 73-acre land in the West of Virginia.

The couple sold everything that they had for building their dream house in the mountains. They were planning for a long time and finally in 2018, they took the big step. It was a difficult endeavor but they were ready to face all the challenges that came their way. The family decided to document their journey through YouTube so people can relate to their struggles. They wanted their children to learn to live off the land in proximity to nature.

The Myers had a lot of determination as they used to juggle between tasks like managing kids and the farm. If you are someone who needs inspiration and wants to build their dream house, then you can head to their YouTube channel for some tips and tricks. After a lot of hard work and dedication, the couple along with the kids were successful in making their dream house with an A framework. Erin documented every part of their journey in the most beautiful way.

Reason Behind Their Popularity

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The main reason behind the popularity of Wild Wonderful Off Grid is that people can relate to them. All their struggles, challenges, humor and perseverance is relatable to the people. It looks very much normal and people can resonate with them even being behind the camera. The reason for documenting the entire journey was to let people know that they can achieve what they want in life.

The people of the Myers family are normal just like you and they go through the same struggles every day that you face. Almost 990K people have subscribed to the Wild Wonderful Off Grid’s official YouTube channel. They documented the minor inconveniences that a random man will face with his kids or some housework. People realized the fact that they are the same as us and we can also achieve what Myers did after a lot of dedication and hard work.

Everything was shown in the videos from the installation of pipes, and solar panels, to managing the farms and homeschooling the kids. After working for two long years and living in an RV, they moved into their dream house in 2020. Documenting the entire process also helped them make a living other than farming. They wanted the people to know the importance of self-sufficient living and they were pretty much successful. The fans loved watching their videos which helped them grow on social media platforms.

Where Are They Now?

Erin, Josh, and their kids are an example for the people as they started from scratch. They made a goal and achieved it in a time of two years. Along with building the house, they documented the process which helped them grow on social media platforms as well. They are about to hit a million subscribers on their YouTube channel which is amazing. The family also has a huge fan following of 300K on Facebook.

They opted for an A-frame house which kept the people hooked on their journey. They wanted to build a big house that is spacious as they have three growing kids. The couple wants to live in their dream house along with the kids even when they grow up. Furthermore, when we look at them, they have come a long way and have a net worth of $1.5 million dollars which is insane.


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Where is Wild Wonderful Off-Grid from?

The couple, Erin and Josh are from Virginia and they wanted to run away from the city life to live in the mountains with their three children. They decided to move to West Virginia and lived in an RV on 73-acre land.

How many subscribers does Wild Wonderful Off Grid have?

Wild Wonderful Off-Grid’s YouTube channel has 990 K subscribers which is insane. A total of 299 videos are uploaded to the channel to date. They are truly an inspiration for the people who want to start fresh and are tired of city life.

Who is Wild Wonderful Off-Grid?

Wild Wonderful Off-Grid is a YouTube channel run by Myers. They started to document the process of making their dream house and gained popularity. People can relate to their struggles and see them as inspiration.


Wild Wonderful Off-Grid is a famous YouTube channel run by Myers. They decided to move to the mountains and build their dream home. The couple decided to move in 2018 and lived in an RV along with three kids. You can follow their YouTube channel and Facebook page for life updates. They gained popularity and are about to hit a million subscribers because people could relate to their everyday struggles and triumphs.