Is Eluktronics A Good Brand? or Waste of Money

Is Eluktronics A Good Brand? or Waste of Money

Is Eluktronics A Good Brand?
Is Eluktronics A Good Brand?

It is quite obvious to become all confused when it is about finding a laptop, as you get to see a huge variety in the market.

The advent of technology and its growing demand with every single day has made the entrepreneurs and business people to enter the technological segment in order to acquire profits by targeting the audience who is obsessed with the wonders of technology.

So, among various technological creations, laptops are one of the most admired masterpieces, as they have eased the lives of the people by providing business, as well as, entertainment solutions.

Looking at the entertainment side, there are laptops specially designed for the gaming purpose, but they are a bit expensive as compared to the laptops, which are made to serve other intentions.

But imagine that you are seeking a new gaming laptop and you find a new brand by the name of Eluktronics that is affordable with great positive reviews by the users. Wow! Won’t that be amazing to you?

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So, if you are not sure what Eluktronics is, then don’t worry because by reading this article you will get to everything about this brand – from the company’s background to laptop’s specifications.

Background of Eluktronics

Eluktronics is a producer of high-quality performance laptops, and it acquires the position of authorized Value Added Reseller (VAR) for various other brands related to PC.

Despite the inexpensive demand for gaming laptops by this company, some people doubt its products, as they believe that it will not be up to their expectations.

However, the reason why the products of this company are economical is that it buys premium-quality hardware accessories in a high volume, which enables the company to manufacture and sell their products, especially the gaming laptops, at very reasonable prices.

Is Eluktronics Build Quality Reliable?

All the Eluktronics laptops are based on barebones build.

Barebones build laptops are made up of minimal components, which enable you to customize the entire machine according to your preferences and likings, and the best thing about customization is that you can easily get all the assembling parts of your choice on Amazon or on the official Eluktronics’ website.

Furthermore, the company uses Clevo and Tongfang chassis on each of their laptop’s build.

The best thing about Eluktronics laptop builds is the material, which is made of aluminum with bit flexibility. Such attributes are the reason that all the laptops by this company have a compact body due to the amalgamation of materials and flexibility.

Performance of Eluktronics Laptops

If you are looking for a beast in a laptop to which you can rely then you can surely count on Eluktronics.

So, whether you are looking to complete your heavy-duty designing projects or your sole purpose of buying a laptop is to play all the high-definition games, your each and every reason is served in the most splendid way through Eluktronics laptops.

Basically, the laptops possess Intel processors of 7th, 8th and 9th general, which provides extraordinary performance capability to the laptops.

The laptops by Eluktronics also include graphics cards, such as NVIDIA RTX and GTX, where the least powered graphics card is also GTX 1050, so now you can imagine how high its performance would be. You can also Find a laptop with number pad.

And do you know that through the customization option you can also play the latest games which fall under the AAA category.

Thermals of Eluktronics Laptops

One of the most important features of a laptop for gamers is its cooling system because a heated-up laptop would not perform well and the consequences would be worse.

So, having a good cooling system or thermals is the basic need of a laptop gamer and Eluktronics is all great with this feature. You will find 2 to 4 cooling fans in the laptops, depending upon the type of model you are selecting.

Eluktronics is also taking the gaming world by storm, as it has installed a button with a sole purpose of maximizing the speed of cooling fans in order to ensure that the laptop doesn’t get overheated due to hardcore gaming.

Such kind of hardware features are rare to find in the laptops which comes at reasonable prices.

So, if you think that your laptop’s overheating problem would damage the intensity of your technical or creative routine, then make sure you check out all the great laptop models by this company because, at the end of the day, you can’t get all the great features in other brands.

Operating System of Eluktronics Laptops

Operating system plays a vital role in the performance of any laptop and it is true that most of the apps, which are already installed by the Windows, usually are of no use, in fact, they waste the memory and minimizes the overall performance with the passage of time.

However, when it comes to Eluktronics laptops, the company claims that all of their manufactured laptops do not include Windows bloatware and this claim is absolutely valid.

So when you purchase any of the Eluktronics’ laptops, you get it with a fresh and clean installation of Windows.

This is one of the reasons that users love to buy Eluktronics because they don’t find any need of removing bloatware, therefore, it saves their time and they experience high performance.

Battery Life of Eluktronics Laptops

It is important for you to understand the fact that all the gaming laptops face issues with their battery life, and because Eluktronics mostly manufactures gaming laptops, so they do have a similar problem.

You can expect a battery life of about 3 to 4 hours when using the laptop in the normal way, but the battery drains even faster when you are doing some high-graphic work or gaming entirely on the battery power.

However, the good news is that some of the Eluktronics laptops allow an upgrade in the capacity of their batteries, but you might need to pay for the secondary storage in order to enjoy such upgrade.

Display of Eluktronics Laptops

Most of the brands, which manufacture economical laptops often compromise on the display, which makes the user dissatisfied with the quality of the screen because of the missing clarity.

But in the case of Eluktronics, the displays are all anti-glaring with 1920 x 1080 HD resolutions.

It includes all the normal refresh rates, ranging from 60Hz to 144Hz. So, at the refresh rate of 144Hz, the user is able to experience the magnificent quality of display, especially when it comes to gaming.

Furthermore, the display of Eluktronics is free from any stuttering or tearing, which allows you to feel comfortable even after playing or interacting with your laptop for several hours.

It is also seen that most of the laptop users, who buy inexpensive laptops, complain about the brightness of the screen

. There complains are somehow correct because other brands are not able to fulfill certain requirements in fewer budget and this is the reason that they use low-quality screens which are unable to provide excellent results, but when it comes to Eluktronics, then the scenario is entirely different.

The color gamut, contrast, saturation and accuracy are all above the average as compared to the rest of the brands due to the good quality IPS screen used by this brand.

In all of their laptops models, Eluktronics uses 72% NTSC display and the brightness is about 300nits, which is means enough brightness for the user to experience the magnificent gaming quality.

Customer Service and Warranty of Eluktronics Laptops

Unlike other laptop manufacturers, Eluktronics provide fast customer service to their customers. The reason behind their quick response towards any queries is mainly due to their existence as a new brand in the market.

So in order to maintain the company’s reputation and gain maximum market share, Eluktronics is very strict when it comes to serving their customers.

They are following all the mandatory ways to ensure customer satisfaction because any mishap would make them lose their peak.

Among various ways to make the customers happy, Eluktronics provide a wide range of warranty, starting from 1 to 3 years, for all of their laptops models.

The most prominent feature of their warranty is the “No Deal Pixel Guarantee”. It’s a type of warranty which is related to the dead pixels display.

However, the warranty doesn’t cover broken, damaged or cracked laptop displays.

Eluktronics in a Nutshell

Even though Eluktronics is a new company but it has gained quick popularity by producing magnificent quality laptops for everyday users and especially for the people who are crazy about gaming.

It is a reliable brand without any major flaws; however, the battery life could have been more powerful. Many users of Eluktronics are mostly found to be satisfied with everything which is offered to them by this company.

In fact, most of the reviews claim that they couldn’t find any other gaming laptop with an HD display and fast performance in fewer prices like this company has been providing.

Therefore, in a nutshell, Eluktronics is loyal to their users and potential customers and if you are looking for impressive gaming laptops, then you can surely count on this company