Crisis Shelter Adds Human Trafficking to Vast List of Services

The Crisis Shelter is pleased to announce that it received specialized funding to embark on a 3-year project to bring awareness of and services to human trafficking victims in Lawrence County, Pennsylvania.

Victims fall into one of two categories: sex trafficking victims and labor trafficking victims. In Sex Trafficking, a person is coerced into performing sex acts that are not voluntary or the person performing the act is under 18. Items are usually traded during this transaction.

Labor Trafficking coerces a person into working with little or no gain, being drawn to a job on false pretenses or forced to work off debt with near-impossible expectations in the ability to pay off the debt. Victims of trauma and abuse who are the heartbeat of the Crisis Shelter’s mission, and the reason for its existence, are among the most vulnerable populations to experience trafficking.

Therefore, this agency has deemed it essential to ensure that human trafficking victims have a voice in Lawrence County. To that end, with the support of the Lawrence County District Attorney’s Office, the Crisis Shelter has assembled a Human Trafficking Task Force to learn more about the landscape of trafficking in our local area, identify community training needs and determine community needs and priorities related to this project.

human trafficking

Currently, the Task Force is working closely with the FBI Office in Pittsburgh to develop an implementation plan as well as provide training to local law enforcement, medical care providers, social service agencies and other community allies. To lead the project, the Crisis Shelter has hired a full-time counselor who specializes in providing necessary services and referrals to human trafficking victims identified in Lawrence County.

The Crisis Shelter is campaigning to spread awareness on human trafficking and how to identify local victims by being available to provide training to local providers, and organizations, and to present at community or outreach events.

To report suspected human trafficking activity, please contact the District Attorney’s Office: at 724-656-1916

“If there is immediate danger or injury, please do not hesitate to call 911 !**

If you identify a potential victim or are a victim of human trafficking, please contact our 24-hour hotline: 724-652-9036

To request resources, to make a referral, or you would like to schedule a training on human trafficking, please call Brittany Fair, our Human Trafficking Counselor: 724-856-4320