Debloat MIUI – How To Remove Bloatware [No Root]

Debloat MIUI - Download & How to remove bloatware

Are you looking for a direct download link to Debloat MIUI Global tools and want to remove bloatwares from your xiaomi miui or redmi devices? Then you are at the right place. This tutorial works on any Xiaomi devices, including MIUI 11, MIUI 12.



MIUI is one of the most popular global and stable ROMs which offers the most refined experience you can get on a redmi or xiaomi phone ever. MIUI is packed with top level features such as advanced multi-tasking, app cloning, accounts management, easily rooting a device, virtual identity, personalize health app, focus mode, etc. The new MIUI also notifies you when an app starts to use your personal data.

MIUI also has tons of pre-installed bloatwares which includes metok, spacessetting, milinkservice, spacesmanagerservice, whetstone, mipub, miplay, print spooler, spacespilicyapp, AntiSpam, etc.

These resource hogging bloatwares not only slow down your device, but might also send unnecessary personal data to the server. And so, It is highly recommended that you must remove these bloatwares from your device by using Debloat MIUI ADB tool.


Download Xiaomi Debloat ADB Tool

MIUI DEBLOATER is an advanced command line tool, developed by Tom TomHenson, for Xiaomi devices. You can easily uninstall or remove all the bloatwares from your device within a couple of minutes.

There are no specific requirements that you have to worry about. The file is in zip/rar format and so you have to extract it by using any WinRAR/Unzipper tool. The actual file size is only 4 KB and so It does not require much space in your computer’s hard-disk.

Note: Do not forget to learn ‘How to use Debloat MIUI ADB tool for removing bloatwares from your device’, so read the full article.

You can download the official Debloat MIUI tool from here, click here.

You must need to make sure that your device has MIUI global stable or beta ROM, otherwise this ADB tool will not work for you.


How to remove bloatwares using Debloat MIUI ADB tool

The developer has added a list of all the bloatwares and necessary commands into the debloat adb file that he finds necessary. However, you can also add or delete or modify setup as per your preference. If you do not want to modify the file then follow the below method.


  1. Once, you have downloaded the Debloat MIUI tool.
  2. You need to extract the file. You will get a folder named “platform-tools”.
  3. Then connect your MIUI device to your computer with a USB cable.
  4. And then turn on “USB debugging”.
  5. Once your device gets connected to your PC successfully.
  6. Then double click on “MIUI Global Debloater” bat file in order to run it.miui global debloat tool
  7. Your command console will automatically be opened. Wait until the process gets completed.
  8. That’s it. All the bloatwares removed by the debloat tool successfully.


How to edit debloat adb bat file for selective removal

The above guide will remove all the bloatwares from your device. However, you might want to exclude some files from the setup i.e. you do not want to uninstall Google Duo, Google Gmail, etc. So follow the below guide,

  1. Open the Debloat ADB bat file with any text editor.
  2. You will find a list of all the bloatwares and its commands code.
  3. Suppose, you do not want to uninstall Google Duo then you simply need to remove below two lines of codes. See the below screenshot.
    debloat bloatware bat edit files
  4. And then save the file.
  5. Now double click on the file and run it.
  6. Wait until the process gets completed.
  7. Afterwards, all the bloatwares will automatically be removed from your device excluding Google Duo.
  8. That’s it.


Final Words

MIUI ROM is the most popular ROM providing advanced features to a vast number MIUI users worldwide. However MIUI ROM comes with a lot of bloatwares and unnecessary android apps that slow down your device and might also send unnecessary personal data to the server.

Xiaomi debloat adb tools is the best tool which removes all these bloatwares from your device seamlessly. However, you can also remove these bloats by rooting your xiaomi device within a couple of seconds. There are many applications that you find at the google play store which helps you to uninstall the system application without breaking your device.

Recently, I have published an article regarding ‘how to root a xiaomi android device’. Most of the advanced android users have been rooting their device to install Xposed and magisk modules. The article provides a simple step by step guide to root a MIUI device by using the Magisk root that you might like to read. Click here to root your device.

Thanks. I hope that the above step by step guide helped you remove bloatwares from your device. Afterwards, your device will run faster than before and the battery will not drain quickly.