The Challenges of Healthcare Application Testing: Solutions and Strategies

Since we live in a digital age, it’s completely normal that some crucial aspects, like healthcare, can and should be digitalized. That is why using technologies to simplify access to healthcare services in order for patients’ experiences to get even better is the logical next step. On the other hand, this is a complex job, meaning there are many challenges, which is why we will focus on solutions and strategies for healthcare app testing.


Healthcare Application Testing - The Ongoing Challenges they face daily

Data Security

Healthcare applications deal with a ton of sensitive data that no third party should have access to, which means that the safety of those information needs to be top-notch. Now, the challenge is that patients who are using or intend to use this app need to have access to their medical records, but the tricky part is that everything from patients’ medical records to the private info of every person needs to be accessible strictly to individuals and no one else.

As many studies have shown, the vast majority of people are open to having digital access healthcare-wise, but the main struggle is regarding data safety, which is why healthcare application testing is important, and more info on that you can find here.

As for the challenge of data safety testing, the main goal is to check whether data cannot be exposed or compromised, and since this demands a high level of data that needs to be inserted, engineers need to have vast knowledge and understanding of the system and regulatory requirements. That is why the complexity of those actions is the main challenge, as there are many variables that differ from one patient to another, and the entire data storage needs to be not just huge but also as secure as possible.

Possible Scenarios

Possible Scenarios - Healthcare Application Testing Challenges

All parties involved and who have access to this app have different needs, depending on the specifics of the scenario. Namely, healthcare providers might need to access some info that can later lead to certain unexpected scenarios. The same is with other users like patients and administrative staff, as all these parties have different needs and perform different actions that, in general, might lead to some unexpected scenario, so the app needs to be well adapted so that those scenarios are already calculated.

That poses a huge obstacle because of numerous possible scenarios that might occur, which makes the entire app creation and testing process more difficult and time-consuming. On the other hand, only by testing the app can we check the system for any vulnerabilities, and that includes a wide range of user scenarios, as it is the only way for the app to be fully functional and ready for worldwide use.

Regulatory Compliance

There are several aspects that testing needs to cover, but before it comes to that step, all the regulatory standards need to be met. It’s needless to say how complicated this might be, as everything from HIPAA, and PIPEDA, to GDRR standards regarding privacy and data accessibility, needs to be carefully calculated.

Understandably, during the testing process, checking whether the app is compliant with these requirements and regulations is the goal, which is why this process is of such vast importance. Overall, only when everything is fine in this field can the main focus be switched to other aspects.

Hardware Is Important Too

Hardware Is Important Too - Healthcare Application Testing Challenges

Many people focus on software and various healthcare applications, but we have one more factor as important as the software-hardware used in these testing. Namely, for proper operation of the software, we need to integrate different devices, check whether each works properly, and provide the necessary information.

These devices must be integrated and communicate with each other because it is the only way to gather all the information timely. It is much more challenging than it sounds, as it is important to meet all the requirements regarding the regulation and accessibility to the devices.

The Best Strategy

Testing the healthcare application is not an easy task, and it requires a team of professionals that will perform different tasks and provide accurate results. Organizing the testing is up to you, and if you have a great team, it is necessary to create a detailed plan and give everyone their duties with the framework.

It is just the beginning, as it is important to keep up with every step of the project and to document the obtained results. Do not forget that each team should have a QA manager, test engineer, automation engineer, and lead and compliance consultant in order to do everything professionally and get accurate results. It is not a one-person job and requires detailed planning and perfect organization, so make sure to plan every step in advance.

Why We Need Healthcare Application

As we have already mentioned, a good healthcare application makes things much easier for every participant and shortens the waiting time. It improves accessibility and makes everything transparent for patients and doctors, which can improve their communication and give better results.

Both patients and doctors can focus more on the therapy instead of losing time on exhausting paperwork, which makes their experiences much better. Of course, since these apps contain private data, it is crucial to perform testing and make sure that everything is working properly and meeting the safety standards before using it.

Watch this video if you’re interested in going deeper into the topic of IoT:

The Bottom Line

Modern times require modern solutions, and healthcare application is just one of them that can make our lives much simpler and less stressful. It is not a new thing, but there is always room for improvement, which is why testing it is extremely important, and thanks to strict regulations, it is impossible to use any app that does not pass various tests.

There are many challenges, but luckily, there is a solution for each of them, and the best strategy is to follow the rules and do everything professionally. So, if you are not sure that you can do it on your own, hire the experts, and leave all the job to them, as it is worth the money.