13 Best Optimum Modems in 2023 – Reviewed

Best Optimum Modems

13 Best Optimum Modems in 2023 – Reviewed

Fast internet speed is one of the important things you need nowadays in this advanced and computerized world. There are some gadgets available to assist you with your internet needs such as a modem, router, internet plan you purchased, and many more.

In this article, we are concerned with the best optimum modems so read the article fully and make your purchase decision easy by comparing different products on a single platform.

Here is a list of best optimum modems for you as it is comparatively cost saving to buy your own modem. In case of you having optimum internet plan then you surely need a best compatible modem to enjoy the best experience.

Renting a modem always seems expensive so here you are provided with some of the best optimum modems to make your decision worthwhile and get great bandwidth speed.

1.Gryphon AC3000 ModemGryphon AC3000 ModemGryphon AC3000 ModemGryphon AC3000 ModemGryphon AC3000 Modem

Best Optimum Modems


Dimensions4.3 x 4.3 x 9 inches
Weight0.81 kg
Downstream channels16 channels
Upstream channels4 channels
Gigahertz2.4GHz & 5GHz

Gryphon ac3000 modem plan is not the same for different switches. It has white packaging, which is a great plan, indicating that it will stay cool and have a good shelf life.

The receiving wires are completely covered on the inside, so even if you can’t turn them around, they have a high gain and with this switch, you can get amazing distances.

As you explore the security highlights of this switch, it provides daily security updates to prevent new vulnerabilities from new malware and ads for each associated gadget.

This means that if you have any IoT gadgets, it will effectively keep the breeches from them. This is the best, tri-band switch. The most interesting thing about this switch is that it displays like a lattice framework and expands the range you want.

With the gryphon ac3000 modem Switch you can add up to 3,000 square feet. If you need more than 3,000 square feet to include, you can expand the compass by adding more griffins.

Like the 4×4 MU-MIMO upgrade, the switch has a better traffic signal, making it easier for multiple clients to transmit to different gadgets at the same time.

2.Motorola MG7315 ModemMotorola MG7315 ModemMotorola MG7315 ModemMotorola MG7315 ModemMotorola MG7315 Modem

Best Optimum Modems


Dimensions9.1 x 2.6 x 8.6 inches
Weight0.61 kg
Downstream channels8 channels
Upstream channels4 channels


With one switch, the MG7315 cable modem and router from Motorola take the need to purchase the switch independently. The modem component of this gadget provides Dustinstream information pace up to 343 Mbps and upstream information pace up to 100 Mbps with fast and productive database.

Despite the fast data transfer rate, this modem supports the single F-type female 75 connector trigger and the Doxis 3.0 link standard. This Motorola modem underlines 343 Mbps downstream and 123 Mbps upstream, eight channels downstream and four channels upstream.

Full-band capture allows digital tuning specialist collaboration to inform the Internet faster and more robustly.

Its switch parcel offers flexible network options. When you go with the flexible connector on the back of the gadget, you will find four gigabyte Ethernet ports with auto-MDI / MDX upholstery, providing reliable wire connection with Ethernet-enabled gadgets.

This Motorola modem/switch does not interfere with situations where the remote association is required. This switch 802.11b / g / n WiFi Organizing Guidelines allows clients to connect remotely to the organization with data movements up to 450 Mbps.

Provides a collection of security highlights to keep you safe regardless of whether your associations are interfering remotely or with the wired association.

The head of the organization can use a clear firewall in the hope of a DoS attack to protect the interloper from entering the organization. Specialized organizations can be set up for guests using visitor network access, while parental controls can be used to control access to different sites.

Motorola has the most reliable modem markers, so regardless of whether you get one, it will solve your problems. One drawback is that this switch is far from the 2.4GHz band, so it is only a dual band switch like the others.

The 2.4GHz band is the most used band in any situation, so it does not affect your organization.

3.Netgear r7000 ModemNetgear r7000 ModemNetgear r7000 ModemNetgear r7000 ModemNetgear r7000 Modem

Best Optimum Modems


Dimensions11.22 x 7.26 x 1.97 inches
Weight0.74 kg
Downstream channels24 channels
Upstream channels8 channels
Gigahertz2.4 GHz / 5 GHz


The R7000 Nighthawk AC1900 Smart Wi-Fi Router from NetGear uses a dual-center 1GHz processor and AC1900 Wi-Fi upgrade to provide optimal speed and performance for gaming and live HD video.

It offers data transfer rates from 2.4GHz and 5.0GHz remote frequencies up to 1900 Mbps (600 in the 2.4 GHz band and 1300 in the 5.0 GHz band).

The Nighthawk R7000 is a standard switch. There are three great radio wires that you can get in the long run. It should be equal and not likely to be set vertically if it is an idea for you.

It comes with 4 1-gigabyte ports for a wired network. It allows you to connect any gadget that requires complete web access.

Nighthawk Switch uses BeamForming + Innovation, which, unlike omnidirectional Wi-Fi, allows fans to sign out directly, bargaining directly with gadgets, for example tablets or cell phones and gadget code.

It reduces barriers and provides more basic, faster, and more reliable communities. Versatile Wi-Fi is much faster than older versions due to the high intensity of the switch and the receiving wires.

4.Netgear CM700 ModemNetgear CM700 ModemNetgear CM700 ModemNetgear CM700 ModemNetgear CM700 Modem

Best Optimum Modems


Dimensions6.6 x 5.2 x 1.7 inch
Weight0.25 kg
Downstream channels32 channels
Upstream channels8 channels
Gigahertz 2.4 GHz / 5 GHz

In finding the best modem for the right ISP, we constantly encourage you to choose the free modulator-demodulator instead of the combo. Although the modem-switch combo is costly, at first, they do not allow you to go into fast associations.

As you think about each of the aspects mentioned, it is a good idea to include resources in the NETGEAR CM700 as your modem for decision making.

Going into the format, the Netgear cable modem CM700 expects a sharp and powerful scheme reinforced with green LEDs, calculated edges, height and body height. The CM700 Doxis 3.0 update that leads to the performance shows an immediate change to higher rates and more stable communities.

Considering the accessibility of 32 bottom and 8 upstream channels, this modem can download 175MB of data per second, passing through the bushes at a transfer speed of 1.4Gbps.

Then, of course, you can buy this modem for the Giglink plans offered by Optimum, which are usually around 940Mbps. Since this is a free modem, you can reach incredible download and transfer speeds regardless of whether it indicates a reduction or not.

For example, our experts who use the Optimum Gig Plan‌ can achieve maximum download speeds of up to 680Mbps and transfer speeds of up to 130Mbps, in any case, at best times.

Additionally, the Netgear cable modem CM700 is one of the future confirmation link modems, you must provide resources for channel bond updates.

While some now favor modems with 24 x 8 channel thickness, the 32 x 8 network allows you to drive at the greatest speed in any event during clogs. This proves to be useful for web-based tutorials, video conferencing and live streaming.

In comparison, the Netgear cable modem CM700 is not only aptly approved, but also includes Comcast, Spectrum and COX ISPs. Therefore, it is not very difficult to find the most accessible switch on this machine.

However, if you need to avoid network limitations, the modem has a gig ethernet port, which will prompt you to module it directly to the PC to reach the highest download and transfer speeds.

Going back to the HD functional leisure, the Netgear cable modem CM700 includes the QoS upgrade for better HD streaming, which is something that encourages you to keep a strategic distance from network issues and keep the old level for the most recognizable potential. Rates.

Plus, you get access to automatically detected innovation and it takes you to great download speed opportunities.

5.Netgear CM500 MODEMNetgear CM500 MODEMNetgear CM500 MODEMNetgear CM500 MODEMNetgear CM500 MODEM

Best Optimum Modems


Dimensions4.88 x 7.28 x 2.36 inches
Weight0.66 KG
Downstream channels16 channel
Upstream channels4 channel

The CM500 DOCSIS high speed cable modem from NetGear provides clients with fast Digital Internet Association speeds of up to 680 Mbps. It has 8MB NOR Glimmer and 128MB RAM and is certified by Cable Labs.

With DOCSIS 3.0, it is 8 times faster than DOCSIS 2.0, lower by the reverse 2.0 standard.

The modem receives information codes using the integrated WAN link/coordination port పోర్, which allows it to be used by other gadgets to make decisions using your PC, network switch, or another gadget Ignit port‌. 16×4 channel holding helps to provide similar satellite internet speeds.

The CM500 modem has a climax plan with a fixed base. The base retains it and the surroundings are well ventilated, although it does not go through the same holes as other pinnacle plans. It should have a longer lifespan than modems because it cools itself and does not separate components.

This modem has a gigabyte Ethernet port, which allows the modem to interface directly with your PC or remote switch. It works with the switch when you need one, because it does not follow one, but it’s up to you to choose whether you need one or not.

The CM500 modem is very easy to set up and takes minutes to get up and go. You will need to contact Optim directly to complete the setup, otherwise it will be much easier to operate and configure.

It speeds up to 300 Mbps, which should be great for situations where you don’t have a lot of clients right away. If your speed bundle with Optim is higher than that, you need to get an alternative modem.

6.Motorola MG7550 ModemMotorola MG7550 ModemMotorola MG7550 ModemMotorola MG7550 ModemMotorola MG7550 Modem

Best Optimum Modems


Dimensions10.85 x 10.45 x 2.8 inch
Weight1.21 kg
Downstream channels16 channels
Upstream channels4 channels
Gigahertz2.4 and 5 ghz

The MG7550 has a pinnacle plan, which indicates that there is a lot of ventilation, so the gadget will cool down without a hitch. Pinnacle plans do not crash like level gadgets, which gives you a better life.

Additionally, the MG7550 has four 10 / 100gt GHz to provide wired attachments with your PCs, HDTV, gaming support, or some other Ethernet-enabled gadgets that you want to wire firmly into your modem.

The option to connect gadgets gives you the most convenient availability, ensuring that you do not interfere or start the company.

Considering the presentation of the MG7550, the aim is to expand the power and range of the remote icon with Motorola’s Power Boost. There is also a beamforming upgrade, which allows you to focus on clear gadgets by expanding the switch size where you need it.

The MG7550 also has a dual band switch, so you get the 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz bands to work with, so you can include your streaming gadgets in the 5 GHz band and the 2.4 GHz band in your watch gadgets. Exfinity recommends this gadget for a maximum download speed of 686 Mbps, and speeds of 300 Mbps or less.

7.Motorola mb7621 ModemMotorola mb7621 ModemMotorola mb7621 ModemMotorola mb7621 ModemMotorola mb7621 Modem

Best Optimum Modems


Dimensions7.9 x 2.2 x 7.2 inch
Weight0.86 kg
Downstream channels24 channel
Upstream channels8 channel
Gigahertz2.4/5 ghz

Another exceptional optimal modem called Elite is Motorola MB7621. This link modem is a Doxis 3.0, and with great rates and highlights, it looks awesome on any company.

Since MB7621 is a Doxis 3.0 modem, it is fast enough for most companies. It can reach speeds of up to 650 Mbps. 650 Mbps is the ideal speed if you add someone to your organization.

The MB7621 comes with a gigabyte Ethernet port to interface your modem switch. Most switches come with additional ports, so if you need to wire a gaming console or HDTV, you can select one of the ports that comes with it in case you want to get a switch.

Otherwise, you can use port‌ to connect to your PC. This will help keep your modem cool as you would reasonably expect from overheating. Try not to set it in a bad place, because it will get really hot.

The maximum download speed it can reach is 1000 Mbps, but it depends on your speed bundle with the optimizer. It allows you to broadcast more on each topic.

The modem also has a similar startup manual to simplify anytime in recent memory. Unlike the Puma chipset, it has a Broadcom chipset, so there are no security issues. The settings of this modem are fast and clear, so you should have no trouble turning it on and off

8.Arris tm1602a ModemArris tm1602a ModemArris tm1602a ModemArris tm1602a ModemArris tm1602a Modem

Best Optimum Modems


Dimensions7.1 x 1.8 x 7.1 inches
Weight0.94 kg
Downstream channels16 channels
Upstream channels4 channels
Gigahertz2.4/ 5 ghz

If you are on the fastest web plan provided by Optimum, the Aris Touchstone TM1602A with Doxis 3.0 upgrade is an incredible choice.

Keep in mind that this is specifically your modem, which should be connected to your switch, and in cases where you do not have it, you may want to consider looking at the most valuable remote switches.

Since the ISP supports it, it is not difficult to set up and is ready for use without special assistance once you allow it to sync. You can use this modem for telecommuting, gaming, and switching

Designed as an upgradable answer for cutting-edge clients, the TM1602 empowers home clients and private companies to reach 16×4 secure station link environments and effectively move to 24×8-enabled channels.

Instantly download and transfer 1 Gbps and 500 Mbps. The modem manufacturer provides exceptional assistance, and in cases where you find it difficult to set it up, you can call them and it will work for ten minutes.

As such, you save yourself a lot of rental costs and this modem will increase its promotion in a few months. It works wonderfully in high and low pace groups.

The inclusion of this modem is exceptional, and you can achieve incredible inclusion and speed in all rooms of the open condo with an area of ​​2700 square feet.

Make sure this gadget has access to your network access transporter because it can cause problems in some cases. Synchronization gin is abruptly slow.

9.Netgear RAX80 ModemNetgear RAX80 ModemNetgear RAX80 ModemNetgear RAX80 ModemNetgear RAX80 Modem

Best Optimum Modems


Dimensions12 x 7.95 x 6.34 inches
Weight1..27 kg
Downstream channels8 channels
Upstream channels4 channels
Gigahertz2.4/ 5 ghz

Most of the time when you are looking for a good switch for optimum, you should think about Netgear Nighthawk RAX80. Like the RS400, this is an amazing switch that you should try.

When you select a wander in this switch, you will be surprised that it is a switch.

It feels more unique than the different switches, which is the space age. Instead of receiving wires, the switch comes with a balance ‌ intended to extend your range and the strength of the symbol.

Joining Beamforming +, this switch has an incredible distance. Along with this switch, there are also 5 1-gigabyte Ethernet ports for wired gadgets, which provide a lot of possibilities for wiring on gadgets that do not lose signal.

This switch will not disappoint you if you are badly in need of great performance for optimum. First, 8 simultaneous currents immediately go to RAX80. This suggests that a number of individuals on different gadgets can stream at a time without compromising the speed.

It allows multiple clients simultaneously with the MU-MIMO upgrade. Insight power, which is powered by a 64-wheel, 1.8GHz quad-center processor, gives you all the power you need.

10.Arris tm822a modemArris tm822a modemArris tm822a modemArris tm822a modemArris tm822a modem

Best Optimum Modems


Dimensions10 x 8.5 x 3 inches
Weight0.63 kg
Downstream channels8 channels
Upstream channels4 channels
Gigahertz2.4/ 5 ghz

The Aris TM822A Touchstone modem is an exceptional gadget for those who need fast web access for gaming or professional needs. Since link companies charge the most for modem rentals, owning this gadget is amazing, it does not save you money and pays yourself a quarter of a year.

It has 8 x 4 channels to move data and a large number of gadgets without slowing down. Download speeds are 343Mbps and transfers are 120Mbps.

This Doxis 3.0 modem is very easy to set up and launch. When you receive the gadget, you should call the technical support that will guide you through the cycle, which is ready for use. Since it is a communication modem, the voice over web telephone works best with it.

When tested for irrational gaming and high speeds, the modem overheats. You should use a fan or put it in a cool corner.

Keep in mind that this is a modem only and not a switch, so make sure it is profitable to use your switch before you get it.

11.Motorola mg7540 modemMotorola mg7540 modemMotorola mg7540 modemMotorola mg7540 modemMotorola mg7540 modem

Best Optimum Modems


Dimensions11 x 10.25 x 2.75 inches
Weight1.13 kg
Downstream channels16 channel
Upstream channels4 channel
Gigahertz2.4 / 5 ghz

For the modem switch combo, we recommend the Motorola MG7540. When you select a gondola in the MG7540’s design, it can be clearly seen that it appears as a vertical modem, meaningless inclination to heat up, and takes up less space at the desk or office.

It’s also easy to hide the changes you need to be invisible. In the original modem, you will find four 10/100/1000 gigabyte Ethernet LAN ports which indicate that your game can be wired to the framework, HDTV, or PC, ensuring that you are well versed with web embedding.

This is an incredible modem. Provide speeds up to 375 Mbps, which is ideal for a link modem. Implicit Switch is similarly high-speed AC1600, giving you full web access to the remote gadgets you experience.

Similar to the MG 7540, it can chip from DFS frequencies encyclopedia, which is unusual for a switch. This indicates that you are not obstructing or leaning towards traffic through your frequencies. Anybeam beam forming with this switch works on 2.4GHz and 5GHz frequencies.


Best Optimum Modems


Dimensions10 x 7.3 x 3.8 inches
Weight0.53 kg
Downstream channels8 channel
Upstream channels4 channel
Gigahertz2.4/ 5 ghz

Doxis 3.0 Stage Based Cisco DPQ3212 Link Modem is an incredible incentive for bargaining. Allows 6-8 gadgets to be easily interfaced with 8 x 4 channel holding.

Our lab tests found 340Mbps download speeds and transfer up to 150Mbps. The form quality is excellent and it is solid. This will save you a lot of time and pay for yourself in reserve funds after a while.

The inclusion of this modem is unbelievable, and one can expect exceptional speed and network in all rooms when it takes the place of the midway. It comes with a reinforcing battery and works regardless of whether there is a force cut.

Very easy to set up and introduce. When you plug it into your PC, call technical support, and restart the gadget, it will be ready for use in minutes. Make sure your switch is accessible with this gadget before purchasing.


Here are some important aspects to consider before buying a best optimum modem. Keep in mind your requirements, read the buying guide and choose modem for yourself that offers maximum speed and better performance.


Perhaps the most interesting and important point to look into is the ISP compatibility since you should purchase a modem that suits your ISP.

Make a point to purchase the correct modem that is viable with the ISP being given in your local premises. You can check it from the list provided by its manufacturers.


You likewise need to consider upstream and downstream channels your modem can work with. Try to pick the modem that offers sufficient number of channels that are upheld by your ISP. Modem channels can be accessed at its packaging so you can check It over there.


While buying a modem that should be reliable and long lasting, remember to search for a guarantee being provided. Higher the guarantee time frame, more better is to purchase that modem on the grounds that any harms would be remunerated saving extra fix cost.


To wrap things up, costs of each ideal modem ought to be considered to get more practical view as everybody have some predefined spending budget for each item so think about your financial plan and cost of these modems and pick the best that is pocket-accommodating to you and offers every necessary component.


  • Can I use my own modem with Optimum?

Yes, you are free to either rent a modem or buy your own but make sure the modem you opt for should be compatible with your Internet Service Provider, Internet package and speed.

  • Can you leave your modem on 24 7?

Yes, they are designed to remain on all the time and there is no security risk associated with it while keeping it turned on.

  • Does rebooting modem speed up Internet?

Yes it does help to improve your internet speed temporarily but has no permanent impact on overall internet speed.

  • How do I know if I need a new modem?

As long as it is used, it starts to function improper such as connection drop out, poor internet speed, modem not getting turned on and etc. If you are having any of these issues then consider an option of buying another modem.

  • Does an expensive modem make a difference?

It obviously makes a difference as it offers better internet speed however for that consistency and great internet speed you should have the best internet plan also to maximize the benefit.


If you are looking for the best optimum modem then you can choose any from the list that suits best with your need. The sequence of the products doesn’t reflect any superiority as they are all equally worthwhile and are just somehow unfamiliar due to some features.

Here we tried to help you out in every possible means but if you are still having any difficulty you can freely ask us. Make a wise decision by considering all related aspects and enjoy the best internet performance. Don’t forget to share your opinions in the comment box.