How to Check If Graphics Card is Dead?

How to Check If Graphics Card is Dead
How to Check If Graphics Card is Dead

How to Check If Graphics Card is Dead?

What a pain in the head to find your graphics card is being fried, or it has already been emancipated from your gaming realm. Yes! It does hurt a lot to find any unusual behavior in the performance of your graphics, especially if you are a diehard gamer, or your bread and butter is dependent on graphical art and design.

But, as a gamer, all your dreams of playing heavy and high-resolution games can come to an end when there is anything wrong with the graphics card. But the question is how to check if graphics card is dead? Of course, you would require a few inborn technical skills to know the big picture; however, there are no clear signs to find immediately that the card is no more supportive.

Some people still believe that a defunct card would produce a huge cloud of smoke out of their computers or laptops. Well! That’s not the case at all. Most of the times, you will not find any physical symptoms that would help you knowing that your graphics card is no more.

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And you would need to look for indications on the other side of the road. Means, your display, computer speed, and everything else would tell you about your graphics card failure.

Alright! So without any further delay, let’s reveal how to check if graphics card is dead.

1.Encountering Screen Glitches

One of the most common sign you will see when your graphics card is dead already or about to die is a screen with a lot of glitches. It’s probably the first thing you will notice when your graphics card will begin to create problem.

Over time, if the issue is not fixed, you will experience an increase in the number of glitches, which would specifically inform you that your card has been departed from this world. So this means you need to get a new graphics card to resume your gaming or work because it’s the mandatory gadget to do all the important work.

Another way to make sure your card is dead, is make your computer or laptop checked by installing another graphics card, as a working card will stop all the glitches. It is a great way to ensure that the fault is in your card and not in the entire hardware.

So what you need to do is call your buddy, request him or her to borrow the card for a while, and make sure you don’t keep it forever because that would be really heart-breaking for the lender. LOL! Apart from jokes, it’s an authentic advice that can save your time and money.

2.Delay in Animation

Any kind of delay in animation is irritating and sometimes it happens because of a heated up system, or excessive workload, which goes against the power of your processor. But in major cases, the graphics card is found to be the main culprit.

Remember! Your graphics cardgraphics cardgraphics cardgraphics cardgraphics card has several duties to perform. The videos you see, the games you play, the art you create, and everything else you do and view on your computer is dependent on the strength and health of your graphic card.

So no wonder why people spend fortune on buying good quality graphics card because they know the real worth. So when your graphic card is dead, you will notice delay in the animation of several programs, especially in gaming.

As a matter of fact, you will be unable to run games smoothly, as they will slow down and hang. Also, you will receive errors, which would direct your attention towards the problem by reporting problem in the driver, despite no new drivers would have been installed.

This is a big sign if you want to know how to check if graphics card is dead because the card will no longer be able to process graphics quickly with the commands you would have been giving to the system.

3\noise from Fan

Is your computer fan is making way too much noise, like its running with an extra energy? If yes, then the bad news is that your graphics card is deceased or about to become lifeless. Nevertheless, there is no direct connection of your GPU (Graphic Processing Unit) and the fan, but it does have a strong indirect link.

The reason why a fast spinning fan is an alarming situation because it implies that your graphics card is getting too much hot or its not performing its obligations, which is why the entire system is getting slow and warm. So a fan leads to a conclusion that something is not good with your GPU.

4.Improper Display Due to Pixels

How to Check If Graphics Card is Dead?

The image you see on your system is made up of tiny little dots known as pixels. These pixels, when combined together, create a beautiful, clean, and clear image (still or animated).

But they don’t do this on their own, and like many other computer parts (software or hardware), they also work with a full reliance of your graphics card. Therefore, if the graphic card is dead, then you will witness an unclear and blurry display.

However, it is not always a blurry image you would see when your card is out of life. So, another thing to keep in mind is that sometimes, you will see discolored images, and sometimes a patch on the screen that many people take it as the monitor’s fault, but it is actually a sign of graphics card problem.

5.The Screen of Death

How to Check If Graphics Card is Dead?

Last but not least, when your graphics card is completely ruined, you will find a ‘blue screen error’, which will clearly define the problem that it is time to change your card. But this is the maximum damage you can expect, as it can also damage the entire GPU along with your system’s motherboard.

It is essential to know how to check if graphics card is dead before it wrecks everything out of your PC or laptop. Ignoring any initial signs can leads to several other problems, this is why it is better to keep an eye on your computer’s performance. And if it’s confirmed that your card is demised, then don’t use your system without installing the new card.