How to root BlueStacks using BS Tweaker 2023

root bluestacks using bs tweaker

Are you looking for a step by step guide to root your BlueStacks android emulator using BS Tweaker tool? Then you are at the right place.

BlueStacks is one of most popular android emulators which has thousands of native features as compared to memu and NoxPlayer. BlueStacks comes with a lot of features such as multitasking, advanced graphics, less RAM consumption, and built-in performance optimization. However, you might also like to root your bluestacks emulator by using the BS tweaker tool so that you can tweak the emulator at the internal level.

The rooted version of emulator provides you advanced admin level privileges. You can, then, add edit system files. You can also stop ads from appearing on the screen while playing games.

Here is the top five reasons which force you to root BlueStacks

  1. Xposed installer: You can customize the bluestacks at the system level. You can easily replace the default ROM with any advance ROM.
  2. Linux terminal: You can try linux commands on your android device.
  3. Game Guardian: You can easily cheat the game like PUBG by using game guardian. Game Guardian uses Luna scripting to enhance the power of automation.
  4. Hacking: You can install metasploit to hack your neighbour wifi.
  5. Spoof IMEI: You can easily change the IMEI number, Donkeyguard number of your bluestacks emulator, if the device is rooted.
  6. Metasploit Framework

Let’s see a step by step guide:


How to root BlueStacks 2, 3, 4 using BS Tweaker

  1. Download BS-Tweaker on your Windows computer.
  2. Launch BS Tweaker as Administrator. Just right click on the executable file and then tap ‘run as administrator’.
  3. Afterwards, you will have several options at the top of the app. Then you have to select ‘Main option’ and then click on ‘Force Kill BS’. You can see the screenshot below.force kill bs tweaker
  4. Afterwards, you have to wait until the ADB indicators and BlueStacks turn into red.
  5. Now you have to navigate to “Helper Tab” and then click on “Unblock”. You can see the screenshot tweaker unblock helper
  6. Then navigate to “Main tab” and then click on “Start BS“. You can see the screenshot tweaker start bs
  7. You have to wait until the bluestacks get started.
  8. After that , navigate to the “Helper” tab and then click on “Patch“. You can see the screenshot belowbluestacks tweaker patch tutorial
  9. That’s it. Now your bluestacks emulator is successfully rooted by using bs tweaker.


Final Word

As there are thousands of android emulators which you can find across the web for playing games, but no emulator can compete with the bluestacks. The bluestacks supports multitasking that means you can play more than one game simultaneously. However, there are some games which can easily be tweaked with xposed installer or game guardian. BS Tweaker is the only tool which has been developed to tweak the bluestacks emulator at the system level. However, you can also root your xiaomi android device with the magisk installer.

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Thanks. I hope that the above step by step guide has helped you to root your bluestacks emulator using bs tweaker.