Psycho Pass Season 4 ─ Possible Release Date Leaks & Latest Updates 2023!

Japanese psychological thriller anime fans alert, Psycho Pass season 4 is on its way. After the huge success of psycho pass season 3, season 4 was evident to come. The production might be still under process, we might hear about the release dates in the present year. For those who don’t know, Psycho pass is a psychological thriller Japanese anime Television series, produced by production I.G. Psycho Pass has three seasons so far, and two films known as, Psycho Pass: The movie, and Psycho Pass: Sinners Of The System

Naoyoshi Shiotai and Katsuyuki Motohiri are the directors of the series, while the script is written by Gen Urobuchi. Moreover, the characters and the whole ambiance are designed by Akira Amano, who is a famous manga artist whereas, the music and theme song are composed by Yugo Kanno. The series made its first debut on 12, Oct 2012, while the third season aired on 24th Oct 2019. After the third part ended, people are eager for the fourth part. Keep reading to know everything about Psycho pass season 4.

Psycho Pass Season 4: Possible Release Date Leaks & Latest Updates 2023!

Setting Of the Psycho Pass Series


Psycho Pass is set in futuristic Japan where the system and technology have advanced so much that people are analyzed through a biometric system. In Psycho Pass, the country is governed by the Sybil system in a dystopian world. The Sibyl System is an ideal system that aims at minimizing the crimes even before it comes into action.

The system uses a strong biometric computer network that regularly measures the human brain for their inclination toward crimes. This system gives you a person’s crime potential by providing a numeric crime coefficient index after a cymatic scan. Once the data is analyzed, the system and the enforcers decide the fate of the person. Either that person is killed or rehabilitated based on his/her crime propensity.

There is a Crime Investigation Department of the Ministry of Welfare’s Public Safety Bureau that has appointed strong-minded law enforcers, and investigation agents. They are responsible for investigating everyone involved in crimes. The people held responsible for the crimes are analyzed. There is a set threshold for the crime coefficient index. If the person’s crime potential exceeds the threshold they are arrested or killed. This system is believed to minimize the crimes happening in society.

The Psycho Pass series is inspired by many western films, even the director has stated many times that the inspiration has come from western films. The narrative of the series is inspired by a western dystopian narrative and is closely related to “Minority report”, “Blade Runner”, and L.A confidential in the theme.

A Brief Plot Summary of Psycho Pass


Arata Shindou and Kei Mikhail Ignatov are the two investigation agents and enforcers from the Crime Investigation Department of the Ministry of Welfare’s Public Safety Bureau. They are the two lead protagonists of the series, who are bound to solve the criminal cases. The story of the third part starts off with them investigating a plane crash causing the death of the passengers and immigrants.

Upon investigation, it is revealed that the crash happens as a result of a conspiracy. Kei and Arata have to solve the case, and Kei is adamant about unfolding every hidden aspect of the plane crash case. Kei and Arata make a good combo, as Kei has a military background, he has the ability to fight single-handedly. On the other hand, Arata can teleport himself to the crime scene which helps them understand minor details of the case.

There is also a list of people who weren’t criminals before but turned into ones later in life. Some of them also belonged to the ministry of Public Welfare Safety Bureau. These people would show a lower coefficient index after a cymatic scan, which tells that they are criminally asymptomatic. However, they have higher criminal potential and are involved in various crime scenes.

The whole series chronicles how the enforcers, and investigation agents solve the criminal cases and arrest the criminals. However, they face a big challenge in tracking down criminally asymptomatic people. Shogo Makishima is one of them in the first part, who shows low crime propensity but is involved in various crimes. The whole investigation bureau is after him as he is considered a criminal mastermind.

Makishima is involved in several murders, out of which Kogami’s friend is one. Kogami is an enforcer who works day and night to take Makishima down, but his low coefficient index tricks the sibyl system. He is finally killed by Kogami, but that doesn’t mean the crimes have ended. Kei and Arata follow the legacy of taking down the criminals.

Psycho Pass Season 4: When Will It Be Aired?


Makishima is finally killed by Kogami but other people like him are still roaming. The enforcers must put an end to the other criminal masterminds to minimize the recurrent crimes, and murders happening. Psycho Pass season 3 left many things untold which have caused unrest in the hearts of fans. They are eagerly waiting for the Psycho Pass season 4. Fortunately, production I.G has given us hints that Psycho Pass Season 4 will come soon.

Not only that, but the production I.G has also announced a movie sequel to season three, which will most probably come out sooner than later. The hopes for Psycho Pass season are high but we have no idea on what date it will actually be on air. It might get canceled because we have no news as yet. We can only wait till Psycho pass season 4 is really out.

A lot of people are eagerly waiting for the Psycho Pass season 4 trailer and plot. Unfortunately, we cannot tell for sure what could be the possible storyline, since there hasn’t been any news from the production studios. We can only assume the story of the next season. The Sybil system might fail completely, or it might get successful in reducing crimes in the country. As many people are against this ideal system, we might see people revolting against the sibyl system. We will only see when the season really comes out.


What is the Psycho pass series about?

Psycho Pass is a Japanese psychological thriller anime series, which is set in a dystopian world governed by the Sybil system. The government has appointed enforcers, investigation agents, and police officers, who aim at minimizing the crime. The brains of people are biometrically measured to check for their crime potential. There is a set wrongdoing coefficient index, upon which a person is analyzed. People are judged, arrested, or killed according to that coefficient.

What is a Sybil system?

Sybil system is a type of ideal government shown in the Psycho Pass anime series known as. This type of system uses a strong computer network that employs a biometric system to mathematically calculate people’s minds. This calculation shows the tendency of a person to commit a crime. The aim of this cymatic scan is to minimize the rate of crimes even before they are committed. People with higher crime potential are treated accordingly.

Why is the Psycho Pass ban in China?

The psycho pass got banned in China in 2015 because the government thought that the content was unfavorable for them. It was believed that it threatened public safety, as it propagated crimes and other immoral acts in the people, especially the youngsters. That is why the popular anime series Psycho pass along with other series was banned in China.

Will Psycho Pass season 4 be released anytime soon?

Although the production studios of the popular anime series psycho pass have announced the release of season 4 we can’t say anything for sure. The news isn’t official, and there is no official release date for that. People are eagerly waiting for the psycho pass season 4. We might expect the next season in October 2023, as all the other seasons were released in October.

The Bottom Line

Psycho Pass is a popular anime series, with psychological cyberpunk thriller themes. It is set in a dystopian world where Japan is governed by the Sybil system. It is a biometric system, controlled by a strong computer network. People are biometrically assessed to check for their criminal tendencies. It is done so that the crimes can be minimized in society. This anime series has won many hearts globally, and people demand a fourth season. When will psycho pass season 4 be released? Read the article above to know everything about it.