How to install Tor Browser in Termux [No Root]

install tor browser in termux

Tor provides a safe and secure method for browsing the Internet anonymously, using an onion-like structure that is freely distributed under BSD license terms. (Install tor browser in termux)

There is, however, an Android version of Tor Browser. Recent announcements by the Tor Project lead to the first-ever official Android version of the Tor Browser—but it isn’t the only choice. There are also several ways to install tor browser on an Android device. One way to use Tor is through the Termux terminal.

Termux is a widely popular linux based terminal developed by open source developers in order to bring more transparency for development and deployment of projects. Users of tor and termux are usually ethical hackers who use these modules to pentest their web servers and virtual private servers. In recent years, the general public have also used it for all kinds of things, from cryptocurrency transactions to accessing onion servers and creating safer communities.

In this guide, we are going to see a step by step guide to install Tor browser in Termux (Android device) without root.

How to install Tor browser in Termux

To install Tor browser, you need to install the termux terminal and then Tor packages from the repository server.

Let’s take a look at the steps.You can skip the first step of the guide if you already have termux installed.

Step 1: Install Termux terminal

To get started, you must install the termux emulator on your Android device. Check out this detailed guide for more information. In the case that you have termux installed, you must give it access to your local storage space. Here is the command to run.


Once you run the above command, a pop-up box will appear asking you to provide permission to sd card storage, then tap ‘Allow’.

Step 2: Upgrade the packages

For the best results, it is advised to update your packages and binaries to the latest versions. Execute the below commands one by one.

apt update && apt upgrade

pkg up -y

Step 3: Install Tor packages

Now you have to download and install the Tor browser packages from the repository server. You have to run the below command.

pkg install tor -y

Step 4: Start Tor browser

Now you have to run the below command.


The above command will automatically start a process for creating the IP layer. The process is likely to take some time. You will need to wait until termux shows you that the bootstrap process is 100% complete.

That’s all. Termux is successfully configured to run Tor network(without root access). From now on, all internet data packets will go through the Tor network. You can run any background task within the termux anonymously.


In the world wide web, VPNs are among the most common ways for hiding personal data, but they can’t always protect your privacy. There are some situations in which IP addresses get leaked either by the client or the server because of incorrect configuration. Internet users are strongly recommended to use Tor to access public web links to ensure greater anonymity, safety, and privacy. Tor has some built-in features that block advertisements, cookies, tracking, location.

Thanks for taking the time to read this article, and please let me know how it goes regarding the above step-by-step guide to installing Tor in Termux.