How to install phpMyAdmin in Termux on Android 2023

install phpmyadmin in termux on android

Looking for a way to install phpMyAdmin in Termux on Android without root? This is the right place for you.


PHPMyAdmin is considered one of the most popular web-based SQL management systems for web developers. It is more convenient for developers to use a visual and interactive database management system rather than a command line utility system since they do not have to remember syntax. Phpmyadmin is used by WordPress, a widely used content management system, to store content and other configuration.

phpMyAdmin lets you manage SQL databases, user accounts, and privileges, and perform SQL statements. You can also import and export data from MySQL databases in a wide variety of formats.

The PhpmyAdmin software can be easily installed in a Linux OS like Ubuntu or Centos for production use. In addition, if you want to set it up for development purposes, you can use xampp on Windows devices and Termux on Android devices.

You can host website like

  1. Python Flask/Django with Mysql in the backend.
  2. PHP with Mysql.
  3. Nodejs with Mysql.

This tutorial shows you how to install phpMyAdmin using termux on Android without root.

How to install phpMyAdmin in Termux

To install phpMyAdmin, you have to install Termux terminal and then Mysql packages from the repository server.

Let’s see the step by step guide.

Step 1: Install Termux terminal

The very first thing which you need to do is to install the termux emulator from the app marketplace. The termux package comes in two versions. I have published a detailed article about which version should be chosen. You can read it here.

Step 2: Upgrade the packages

Once you install the terminal, now you need to upgrade the packages and other binaries to the latest version. Run the below command:

apt update && apt upgrade

Step 3: Install phpMyAdmin packages

The source code is a part of the github repository and is available to anyone. You can install the latest package by running the below command.

pkg install phpmyadmin

Now, Mysql is successfully installed in your Termux emulator.

Step 4: Run phpMyAdmin Server

Now you can start the daemon process by running the below command. After that you can login to your mysql server with chrome/firefox browser.

php -S localhost:8080

Now You access the web server with your android browser. Just open chrome and type localhost:8080. See the below screenshot.

pkg install phpmyadmin in termux

Then you’re done. You have now successfully installed phpmyAdmin in termux terminal on your Android device without root.


PHPMyAdmin is considered the best MySQL management system since it can be easily integrated into web applications. Because it has an easy-to-use interface, you won’t have to memorize commands to perform any action. Using the control panel, you can import and export data in many different formats.

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