Online Shopping Supports CS

How Can Your Online Purchases Help Our Cause?   

Start iGiving – it’s this simple:

  • Join for Free     Use this link and the Crisis Shelter will automatically be selected to receive your iGive earnings! You can create an iGive account in just a few moments
  • Shop online at any of the 800+ stores in the iGive network. You’ll see all your favorites, including, Best Buy, Staples, eBay, and Pottery Barn!
  • The Crisis Shelter receives a check from 1% to 26% of each purchase!

It’s Free:     It’s easy, and every purchase you make generates a donation to the Crisis Shelter and it doesn’t cost you anything.

It’s Safe & Private     Your iGive account is totally free and private. We will never sell your e-mail address or personal information to anyone.

As an iGiver, you’re part of the world’s first and largest online network of shoppers, stores, and nonprofit organizations — all dedicated to turning everyday online shopping into philanthropy.