Infidelity in the Digital Era: Signs Your Partner May Be Cheating on Facebook

Social media platforms are currently on fire. If you check out the number of people who use them, you will see it is measured in millions, even billions in some cases. With that in mind, nobody should be surprised why this is among the best chances to meet new people and to cheating. Sure, socialization has always been perceived as meeting people in person. However, we want to emphasize that we live in a new era with new rules and conditions.

Since there are countless options for people you can meet, many have sought their partners through these platforms. Online, you can find countless stories about this happening. However, there is another side to this story. For instance, many couples end their relationships because of social media platforms. Since communication is easier than ever, many indulge in it without thinking. Naturally, it is possible to experience some consequences.

Online affairs often cause problems like this. Thankfully, you can discover a situation where you have suspicions about your partner cheating through using Facebook or any other social media platform. Fortunately, you can use numerous tools, like designcomutationlab, to achieve just that. Today, we want to allow you to discover whether this has happened by looking for signs. Let us check the list of signs this has happened without further ado.

Frequent Texting and History

Texting and History

The first, and by far, the commonest sign that something is wrong, is discovering potential cheating through text history. If you look at studies conducted on this subject, you will see that roughly 40% of individuals find out about their partner’s actions through this channel. So, if your spouse spends too much time on their mobile phone without sharing any information, this can indicate that something is wrong.

When you think about it, it makes perfect sense since texting is much easier to hide than having lengthy conversations. Conversations are easy to spot, and hiding is a complex thing your partner cannot conceal, no matter how much they try. They cannot do it in person, so they want to find the easiest way to communicate with others without too many problems, and texting is the most widespread way to do so, as we’ve said.

But it is not only about the text itself; this channel allows individuals to share images with others. People are encouraged to be more open about their intentions than in live conversations. Therefore, the secret relationship can flourish during this time. So, try to find out whether you can access the texting history. It will not be easy, but it is possible to access it if you implement a proper tactic. Surely, you will need to be creative.

High Activity

High Activity

While social media platforms, like Facebook, have become a necessity in this day and age. We need them for a wide array of different activities, not just socialization. When you find your partner is spending too much time on Facebook, there is a possibility that he or she is going through a phase of communication with other individuals, which can lead to cheating. Surely, you will not enjoy it if this happens.

Spending much time on social media doesn’t mean someone is cheating. However, this can certainly be an indicator. So, we recommend you be careful about this, especially if this hasn’t happened before. At first, you should try to communicate with the spouse and see whether they have some reason for increased activity on Facebook. Based on the communication, you can understand what is happening.

Another Account

If you cannot find any signs of your partner cheating through Facebook, this does not mean you cannot be 100% certain. There is a possibility that your partner has another account. So, try to find out whether this is the case. Fortunately, this is possible by seeking whether your partner has another email. As you know, email is a crucial aspect. Regardless of the social media platform, you cannot create multiple accounts with only one email.

If you can access your partner’s phone, then you should seek whether there was another account they logged in through their phone. The history of logging in is easily accessible, and you can find it instantly when you open the app. Of course, you should access the phone and see whether this is the case. If there is another account, chances are high that it is used for something you would not like to experience.

Too Many Comments

Too Many Comments

Many people commonly post on Facebook, and you should not be surprised if your spouse is doing the same. Naturally, friends will post comments on these posts. While you know most people who post comments, some will remain unknown. If so, you should review these names and see whether some are unknown. Therefore, this is where you should start and see where this investigation gets you.

Surely, this can be quite a long research if your spouse has many friends online. But you will be happy to know that Facebook offers many filters to help with this. Using these tools is not complex; you can do it without investing too much time. Still, you should prepare that this research will not be short if the list is too long. Of course, this will depend on the number of comments.

Another thing you should look for in these comments is whether there are some inside jokes you are unaware of. Your spouse will share these with you in most cases. When you do not know them, we recommend seeking the potential problems. There are no guarantees that this research will end in your spouse being proven as a cheater, but it is certainly a good way to check your suspicions.


Sure, there are many signs of possible infidelity from your spouse. However, the number of possibilities tends to be narrow when discussing the digital aspect. Here, you can find the most important signs indicating whether there is a potential for it. We are certain you will find these signs to be of much use.