Emergency Shelter

The agency provides temporary shelter to women and children who are in need of emergency housing as a result of abuse or threats of abuse.

  • Emergency shelter is available to residents of Lawrence County as well as outside the county. Preference is given to Lawrence County residents if space is limited.
  • The facility maintains 11 bedrooms that can accommodate up to 36 individuals. Cribs and trundle beds are available as needed. The units are designed to accommodate family needs depending on size and special circumstances.  There is one completely handicapped assessible unit.
  • Arrangements for male victims of domestic violence who need emergency shelter may be provided, including referrals to community resources, utilizing legal options, and counseling services.
  • Three play areas for children are available—two outside areas and one inside playroom. Childcare, supervised by part time staff, is offered to allow individuals to attend groups, meet with a counselor or casemanager, or attend appointments outside the agency. Tutoring is offered on site to adults and children.
  • Service plans are designed to address individual needs focusing on life skills including finances, housing, education, employment, and self esteem. Counseling and groups are available on site. Referrals to community services are provided and every attempt is made to provide food, toiletries, linens and emergency clothing.
  • If a family needs to relocate from the area, staff will assist in making the transition.
  • Stays are funded for 30 days with extensions available depending on individual needs.
  • Emergency shelter operates on a 24 hour basis, 7 days a week. All staff members have received 80 hours of domestic violence, sexual assault and crime victim training.


The Crisis Shelter of Lawrence County empowers and advocates for those affected by domestic violence, sexual assault and other violent crimes.  We inspire and educate citizens to create safer communities and break the cycle of violence.