~~~Window Between Worlds

A Window Between Worlds is a counseling/therapy program dedicated to using art to help end domestic violence. Developed in 1991, this program has provided creative expression as a healing tool for over 74,000 battered women and their children in crisis shelters, transitional homes, and outreach centers throughout the United States. The Crisis Shelter has been using this tool in counseling sessions since September, 2010.


Many survivors are not able to talk about domestic and sexual abuse and the profound effect it has had on their lives. Through art, survivors find a safe way to explore their feelings and share their voices. The goal of the art project “Walk in My Shoes” is to give participants the opportunity to safely express their feelings of survival and to help others understand how it feels to “walk in their shoes” as they share the stories of their journey to healing.

Through decorating shoes and exploring where their feet have traveled and where they are going, survivors are able to explore their own journeys through creative expression. Participants are encouraged to use this creative opportunity to delve into their past to share their personal stories of pain and triumph and to reflect on the wishes, hopes and dreams they have for the future. Often left untold and unseen, these stories share the pain, courage and strength that survivors discovered in themselves as they escaped from domestic violence.